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Stay up-to-date on bills we're following, as they move through the legislative process.

SB 14:  Drinking water standards—Provides for maximum PFAS contaminant levels allowed for drinking water standards. MTA monitoring.

SB 19: Public employees and officers—Modifies population thresholds for contracts of public servants serving as public safety officers. MTA supports.

SB 26, HBs 4025 & 4047: Property tax—Requires Michigan Tax Tribunal determinations to consider all three methods of appraisal in assessment disputes and prohibits deed restrictions on valuation of property. MTA supports.

SB 28: Motor fuel tax—Requires motor fuel tax to be dispersed to county where fuel is pumped.  MTA monitoring.

SBs 31-32: Recreation passport—Expands current recreation passport program to include trails and state forest campgrounds. MTA monitoring.

SB 39: Property tax assessments— Excludes private deed restrictions from being considered by the Michigan Tax Tribunal if they substantially impair the highest and best use of property as compared to property subject to assessment. MTA supports.

SB 46: Property tax assessments—Clarifies valuation of wind energy systems. MTA supports.

SBs 47-48 & HBs 4069 & 4465: Alternative energy personal property—Provides personal property tax exemption for alternative energy systems up to specific threshold. MTA neutral.

SB 54 & HB 4100: Historic preservation tax credit—Restores the state historic preservation tax credit program. MTA supports.

SB 78: Elections—Requires ballot instructions to be printed on ballot. MTA monitoring

SBs 79, 117 & 297:  Elections—Revises procedure for returning absentee ballots for military personnel. MTA monitoring.

SB 104: Open Meetings Act—Allows additional remedies for noncompliance to include attorney fees and allows a one-year window during which civil actions may be brought. MTA opposes.

SB 431: Local preemption—Prohibits local regulations of certain conditions under zoning ordinance for mining permit approval. MTA opposes.

HB 4035: Local preemptionProhibits local regulation of dogs based upon breed or perceived breed. MTA opposes.

HB 4046: Land use/zoning preemption—Limits local zoning regulation of vacation rentals and short-term rentals. MTA opposes.

HB 4083: Sanctuary Cities—Prohibits local laws that prevent local officials from cooperating with federal authorities regarding an individual’s immigration status.  MTA opposes.


HB 4091 & SB 319: Neighborhood Enterprise Zones—Modifies eligibility requirements to qualify as a rehabilitated facility.  MTA supports.

HB 4095:  Land use/zoning preemption—Preempts local zoning authority for child foster care institutions for a state licensed facility up to 10 children. MTA opposes.

HB 4185: Destruction of Property—Adds willfully and maliciously destroying or damaging the real property of a fire, sheriff, or police department to the current prohibition regarding a fire or police department’s personal property.   MTA supports.


HB 4209: Township Treasurer Designee—Allows the township treasurer to appoint a designee to act on their behalf for tax collection purposes under certain conditions. MTA supports

HB 4268 & SB 163: Broadband Personal Property Exemption—Creates a personal property tax exemption for new broadband equipment that resolves lack of broadband service.  MTA opposes.

HB 4408: Recreational Authority Audit—Modifies the requirement for an annual audit based on whether a recreational authority levies and collects a millage.  MTA supports

HB 4468: FOIAAllows a person making a FOIA request to request any written response be made by email, fax or first-class mail if the public body has the technological capacity to provide the documents and response electronically. MTA neutral.

HB 4454: Unlawful Dumping—Revises criminal penalties and civil fines for unlawful dumping of garbage.     MTA supports.

HBs 4554-4563: Short term rental—creates the short term rental promotion act requiring registry of short-term rentals and retains local zoning authority. MTA supports.

HB 4691: Municipal stormwater utilities—creates new act to provide for and authorize fee for municipal stormwater utilities. MTA supports.

HB 4692: Drains and sewers—specifies rainfall levels and what constitutes a sewage system defect for liability for overflow or backups. MTA supports.

HB 4750 & SB 400: Lead—Requires testing and disclosure of lead in water systems. MTA monitoring.

HB 4800: Transportation funding—allocates a portion of revenue from vehicle registration fees to township, city or village where registrant resides for road funding. MTA supports.


HB 6049 & SB 1025: Assessing—Provides for the shift of certain assessment functions to county equalization departments. MTA opposes.