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MTA Training

The MTA Knowledge Center provides a wide variety of educational workshops throughout the state each year. Topics range from the basic “nuts and bolts” duties of township officials to advanced policy issues that our members face. All programs are tailored to address core competencies for elected township officials. Training is just a click away on our Online Learning Portal OR scroll down to see what's coming your way this summer:

Explore Township Finances and Services

longmeeting.jpgOctober 27 & 28

MTA can help your township navigate the maze of funding and providing services for your community. Learn to identify what services are most important to the residents you serve, manage the risk inherent with those services and explore various types of revenue sources available for the program or service. Join us in Lansing at the Comfort Inn West on Oct. 27-28 for one (or both!) session.

Download the registration form or register online now.

Treasurers' Guide to Tax Collecting

November 13 & 18

Whether you are a seasoned treasurer, newly elected or anything in between, this full-day workshop is a must! Collecting property taxes is a highly visible function of the township treasurer’s office. It comes with significant responsibility not only for the large amount of money collected but also for compliance with the General Property Tax Act. The day will include discussions on:

  • Getting startedmoney_puzzle_small.jpg
  • Preparation of the tax bill
  • Summer taxes
  • Winter taxes
  • Accounting for and disbursement of collections
  • Settlement
  • Delinquent personal property tax

Download the registration form or register online now.

Upcoming MTA events

Township Finances & At Your Service
Oct. 27 and 28 in Lansing 

Treasurers' Guide to Tax Collecting
Nov. 13 in Gaylord and Nov. 18 in Lansing

What the future holds ...

See MTA's 2014 educational schedule here.

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