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MTA offers numerous books on a wide variety of topics, including civil infractions, planning and zoning, special assessments, fire departments, budgeting and authorities of Michigan township officials. Let MTA resources help you effectively and efficiently fulfill your duties as a township official!

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Authorities and Responsibilities of Michigan Townships
Revised 2020
Known as MTA’s “little red book,” this primer for township board members and officials includes terms of office, vacancy, recall, meeting notices, minutes,elections, ordinance publication, investments and tax collections, in addition to the statutory duties of each elected official and township boards and commissions.
Member: $52.50
Non-Member: $76


Board of Review Guide

Revised 2020
Describes the duties and structure of the board of review, the role of the assessor and the state Tax Tribunal, and the equalization process. With tabbed chapters for easy reference, this publication includes information on other topics such as principles of value, hints for successful meetings, principal residence and agricultural property exemptions, poverty exemptions, and statutory reasons for holding July and December meetings. 
Member: $38.50 
Non-Member: $56


Building a Better Budget

Revised 2008; 
minor revisions 2013 (Includes CD)
Addressing issues from budgeting basics to projecting future financial trends, this book includes sample general fund budget worksheets and formats to provide users with the foundation that townships need to create their township’s budget. Includes a CD of Microsoft Word® and Excel® versions of several of the appendices to customize for your township’s use.
Member: $35
Non-Member: $51

Good Press, Bad Press, Depressed

2008 edition
This book serves as a roadmap for public officials who want to do a better job of dealing with the media in all its forms, from getting the word out when good things happen to avoiding becoming a media casualty when something bad happens.
Member: $20
Non-Member: $29


Introduction to
the Freedom of Information Act

Revised 2015
A must-have for all members of the township board, as well as employees responsible for fulfilling FOIA requests, this easy-to-understand, user-friendly handbook will help township officials learn more about public records, as well as  how to handle FOIA requests.
Member: $27.50 
Non-Member: $40

Introduction to 
Fund Accounting
1997 edition
This manual provides an introduction for those with no prior accounting experience, or serves as a reference for quick review. With topics ranging from basic accounting concepts to financial statements, this text presents the subject matter in a straight-forward manner and offers useful examples.
Member: $45 
Non-Member: $65

Introduction to Township Board Meetings

Revised 2016
All township board members are “local legislators,” and have important roles to carry out at board meetings. This publication is a handy reference to some of the most common questions or issues that arise in scheduling, conducting and participating in township board meetings.
Member: $14
Non-Member: $21


Managing the Modern Michigan Township

Revised 2002 (Includes CD
& 2006 update supplement)
This 500-page reference provides a historical perspective on townships, policy-making issues, administrative procedures, financing/tax/budgeting concerns, discussion on public safety and other services provided through townships, planning and zoning issues, and information on capital improvements.
Member: $35
Non-Member: $51


Michigan Township Officials Directory
2019 edition
Updated annually to include the names and contact information of each township officials in Michigan, the Directory divides each township office in a separate section, along with a separate listing for townships’ general contact information. This is the perfect tool when looking to network and partner with local officials from your region, putting names and numbers at your fingertips.
Member: $33
Non-Member: $49.50


Municipal Civil Infractions—The Process
2008 edition
Developed to help alleviate the confusion that often surrounds the civil infraction process, this reference supplies information regarding the adoption of a municipal civil infraction procedures ordinance, the issuing of tickets and the handling of court proceedings. Samples are also included.
Member: $33
Non-Member: $48


Officials’ Guide to
Township Government
(Supervisor, revised 2016;
Clerk, revised 2016;
Treasurer, revised 2016;
Trustee, 2016 edition)
These handy references to township authorities and statutory responsibilities provide practical tips and techniques for township administration. A separate manual is available for each elected township office, offering insights on township governance and meetings, and additional sections detailing office-specific duties.
Member: $38.50
Non-Member: $56


On-Call Fire Departments: The Township Board’s Responsibilities
Revised 2005
Written by former MTA Executive Director Larry Merrill, this book delves into the township board’s responsibilities for fire protection, evaluation of your township’s fire protection, and emergency and disaster planning, and also provides information on motivating and retaining personnel and financing the fire department.

Member: $27.50
Non-Member: $40


Policy Matters! Using Board & Administrative Policies to Manage Your Township
2010 edition; minor revisions 2014 (Includes CD)
In this hands-on book, township board members and staff will find sample policies, practical commentaries and expert tips to get your township started using a policy approach to board governance, ethics, financial procedures and controls, office and facility administration, personnel issues, purchasing, public information, records, using technology, and minimizing risk.
Member: $38.50
Non-Member: $56


Special Assessments: A Technical Manual for Townships
2003 edition; minor revisions in 2013
This manual provides discussion on how to use special assessments as a financial tool and explains the administrative process; provides a reference chart of recommended special assessment statutes for various improvements; and includes sample forms that illustrate the administrative process for creating a special assessment district.
Member: $38.50
Non-Member: $56


The Township Guide to Planning & Zoning
Revised 2019
A comprehensive guide to planning and zoning from the township perspective, this resource provides a detailed look at the planning process and outlines elements of a successful planning program. Also included is information on the statutory authority for township planning, legal influences and limitations on zoning.
Member: $49.50
Non-Member: $71.50


Township Cemetery Management
Revised 2018 (Includes CD)
From a review of statutes that govern township authority over cemeteries to the financial aspects of this valuable service, Township Cemetery Management serves as a guide to assist local units of government carry out this important function. Includes a CD of samples, including a cemetery ordinance, to customize for your township’s use.
Member: $38.50
Non-Member: $56


Township Planning & Zoning Decision-making
Revised 2019
Covering issues from the technical to the ethical and from day-to-day actions to those that are lasting, this handbook is intended to be at the fingertips of the township’s planning and zoning officials, as a means to help them reach defensible, effective decisions and build a strong community based on sound planning principles and procedures.
Member: $35
Non-Member: $51