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Online logoUnlimited online learning access

Purchase a township-wide online subscription and get access for everyone on your township team for a full year. Choose from three different levels. Each level contains different courses; Premium Pass subscribers may also receive new content and discounts on other events throughout the year. Package level pricing provides deep discounts and is a benefit your entire township can take advantage of. Get access to online education for all, anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Learn more about each package below OR click here for a registration form.

Did your township already purchase an annual subscription to MTA’s Online Learning Center? We've got resources to help you log in and start learning. If you prefer a written approach, download or print this Getting Started with MTA Online document. For a more visual approach, watch this helpful video tutorial. Still have questions? Email education@michigantownships.org to learn more about how your entire township team can get unlimited access today.

Option 1. Premium Pass

Includes year-round access to every title in our Essentials and Plus packages (Options 2 and 3 below) as well as 10 additional titles, nine of which are Township Governance Academy courses. Premium titles include:


      • At Your Service: Meeting Township Needs   
      • Board Roles & Relations
      • Fundamentals of Assessment & Taxation   
      • How Boards Make Decisions    
      • Land Use: Defining Your Township’s Future
      • Making Meetings Work More Effectively
      • Managing Your Township Team
      • Township Finances
      • Urban Cooperation
      • Utilizing Strategic Planning

A $4,032 PER PERSON value for just $1,900 —  including access
for your 

admit all

Additional Premium Pass benefits:

NEW & available on-demand

  • Elections Tips & Fundamentals
  • Emerging Issues in Planning & Zoning

UPDATED course elements

  • Cemetery Management
  • Roles & Functions of the ZBA

BONUS courses (offered April-June) 

  • All four New Officials Training webcasts
  • Treasurer’s Guide to Tax Collecting 
  • Board of Review Basic & Advanced Training

Option 2. Plus Package

Get access to all 10 titles listed in the Essentials Package (Option 3), plus five more specialized topics that take your township in-depth on additional services some townships provide. Titles include:

  • Cemetery Management (New elements!)

  • Governing an Accountable Fire Department

  • Introduction to Planning & Zoning

  • Roles and Functions of the ZBA (new elements!)

  • Ordinance Enforcement

NEW series available on-demand

  • Emerging Issues in Planning & Zoning

A $1,400 PER PERSON value for just $1,000 — for your ENTIRE TOWNSHIP TEAM

Option 3. Essentials Package

Offers access to 10 "essential" courses, featuring topics designed for all board members and required knowledge for all townships. Titles include:

  • Accounting & Payroll

  • Building a Better Budget

  • Effectively Exercising Board Authority

  • Exploring Township Revenue Sources

  • Meeting Misconceptions

  • Secrets to Great Board Meetings

  • Spending Public Money

  • Special Assessment Procedures

  • Taxation Trouble Spots

  • Who Gets Paid What … and How?

A $860 PER PERSON value for just $750 —  for your ENTIRE TOWNSHIP TEAM