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LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Municipal League and Michigan Townships Association today announced their support for the bipartisan Michigan Cannabis Safety Act, which helps ensure all cannabis in Michigan is tested, labeled, tracked and licensed. The legislation also provides local officials and public safety personnel with tools to address unlicensed or unregulated cannabis operations to keep residents and local communities safe.

“Unregulated, unlicensed cannabis operations endanger the safety of local residents and threaten the integrity of our neighborhoods,” said Judy Allen, director of government relations for the Michigan Townships Association. “Harmful incidents have included fires and explosions that have resulted in serious injury and destruction of property, and horrendous odors that create a nuisance for local communities. The Michigan Cannabis Safety Act improves enforcement and oversight of this industry, allowing townships to better address these ongoing problems at the local level.”

“The Michigan Cannabis Safety Act will bring much-needed reforms to help protect the safety of local communities and residents,” said Jennifer Rigterink, legislative associate of state and federal affairs for the Michigan Municipal League. “This legislation also provides new accountability and transparency standards that give local law enforcement the ability to address unlicensed, unregulated cannabis operations in our communities and neighborhoods.”

“We applaud the Michigan Municipal League and Michigan Townships Association for supporting these reforms, which will empower local governments to address cannabis operations that pose an immediate danger to their communities at the local level,” said Stephen Linder, Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association executive director. “Their support is crucial to passing this critical legislation that helps ensure all cannabis in Michigan is tested, tracked, labeled and licensed.”

The Michigan Cannabis Safety Act, House Bills 5300-5302 and 5319-5321, also helps boost local economies by creating a path for caregivers with more than one patient to join the licensed market to promote safety and high standards.

“In addition to ensuring all patients and consumers have access to safe, tested cannabis products, this legislation provides accountability and transparency and opens the door for a new generation of entrepreneurs in the licensed market,” said Shelly Edgerton, MCMA Board chair. “We look forward to working with MML and MTA to promote this fair and balanced approach to marijuana reform.”