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Northland’s philosophy is built on the guiding principles of providing direction and producing results. Today, those principles have never been more important. Northland Securities provides direction to help our clients navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Northland Public Finance is a division of Northland Securities blending the capabilities and market insights of a full service broker-dealer with the array of services provided by a municipal advisor. We serve governmental and non-profit clients throughout the Midwest, Rocky Mountain, and Great Lakes regions, from our headquarters in Minneapolis, to our branches in Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

Northland provides its clients with unparalleled service and execution. To date, Northland has underwritten more than $38 billion in fixed income securities and loans. We consistently rank in the top 10 nationally for the number of new bank qualified competitive and negotiated issues. We achieve these results utilizing a diversified, national investor base – including over 800 community banks and over 6,500 retail accounts.

Northland’s services go well beyond debt issuance and management. We help local governments create plans to make best use of limited financial resources. We help communities use the available tools to achieve their economic development, redevelopment, and housing objectives. We help school districts build for the future of their students and their families.

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