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Do you find yourself referring to MTA's ever-popular book Authorities & Responsibilities of Michigan Townships (better known as the “Little Red Book”) as your go-to resource? Is it the first thing you reach for when you need guidance on your authority and responsibilities in service to your township? Then you may be interested in our “Red Book Ready” training series.

The variety of statutory authorities of townships can be fascinating and confusing. Our “Red Book Ready” classes will take you beyond the book, offering the same practical advice, in a scenario that helps you apply the knowledge to your township.

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Take the first step by registering for Board Authorities, Responsibilities and Roles being held online April 12 & 13 in conjunction with MTA's Virtual Conference & Expo! Cost for this two-day learning journey, is only $99/person. You do NOT have to be registered for Conference to attend. Learn more about the sessions below. Already registered? Learn which chapters your participation covers and get an enrollment form here!

conference_room.jpgPart 1: Board Authorities & Responsibilities - held Monday, April 12 from 1 to 5 p.m. - covers aspects of township government that all township officials should know to successfully carry out their statutory and governing responsibilities. Every board member has equal authority and responsibility at the head table. So even if you’re not newly elected, we invite you to join us for this review of your township board “job description,” offering a deep dive into the key areas where you and your board exercise important policy decisions and practical tips on keeping a productive focus on what matters most.
Presenters: Catherine Mullhaupt, MTA Staff Attorney and Judy Allen, MTA's Director of Governmental Affairs

Part 2: Board Roles: Who Does What - held April 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. - offers insights into who does what and how the township team works together to get it all done. State law assigns each elected official specific duties and responsibilities, and sets forth rules and guidelines. But there are many routine actions and decisions not governed by statute. Who sets the board agenda? Who is appointed Freedom of Information Act coordinator? What about the website, township security, and all those other duties? Gain insights into managing the day-to-day operations, including handling public funds and financial reporting.
Presenter: Cindy Dodge, MTA Member Information Services Liaison

Topics Include:  

  • Board authority: Who decides what a township will do—and how? 
  • Revenue Sources:  How are townships funded?  What options exist?
  • Enabling statutes:  Where do townships get their authority? What must townships do? What may a board choose to do?
  • Lawful expenditures: What may townships pay for?
  • Administrative responsibilities: Getting things done by balancing statutory duties with township responsibilities
  • Working with other local governments: Options for boards to make effective and productive partnerships
  • The power of grassroots advocacy: Tips for developing, building and measuring your township voice

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