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Stay up-to-date on bills we're following, as they move through the legislative process.

SB 45: Property tax exemption—Expands disabled veterans property tax exemption to include residential real property or agricultural real property owned by a disabled veteran, decreasing local revenue. MTA opposes.

SB 157 & HB 5723: Water works projects—Preempts local ordinances restricting or prohibiting the evaluation, comparison or use of certain pipe and piping materials. MTA opposes.

SBs 305-310: Tax increment financing—Modifies capture of library mills to allow libraries to opt out of tax capture and redefines “obligation” to exempt library millages automatically. MTA opposes.

SB 329 & HB 4503: Land use/zoning preemption—Limits local zoning regulation of vacation rentals and short-term rentals. MTA opposes.

SB 578: Deed restrictions—Excludes private deed restrictions from being considered by Michigan Tax Tribunal when highest and best use of property considered subject to an assessment dispute. MTA supports.

SB 637: Small cell—Creates Small Wireless Communications Facilities Deployment Act that would standardize permits, fees, right-of-way use and other regulation of wireless service providers when utilizing the public right-of-way. MTA neutral.

SB 723 & HB 4362: Disabled veterans' property tax exemptionRequires reimbursement to local taxing units for property tax revenue loss incurred due to disabled veterans' property tax exemptions. MTA supports.

SB 741: Local preemptionProhibits local regulation of dogs based upon breed or perceived breed. MTA opposes.

SB 927: Personal property tax exemption—Provides exemption for qualified heavy equipment from property taxes. MTA opposes.

SB 1031: Personal property tax exemption—Provides exemption for qualified utility personal property installed after Dec. 31, 2017. MTA opposes.

SB 1035: Property tax exemption – Provides exemption for sportsmen club real property if dedicate facilities for charitable purpose for a limited period of time each year. MTA opposes.

HB 4077: Freedom of Information Act—Prohibits public bodies from commencing civil actions against entities making FOIA requests. MTA opposes.

HB 4162: Special assessments—Allows townships to create special assessment districts for communications infrastructure including broadband and high-speed internet. MTA supports.

HB 4184: Open Meetings Act—Clarifies physical presence required for vote, excluding emergency meetings and elected members called for military duty; allows board to waive one meeting for each member for good cause. MTA neutral.

HB 4290 & 756: Sewer backup liability—
Amends definition for a sewage disposal system event, clarifies the identification of a design or construction defect in a sewage disposal system, and provides governmental agencies with expanded immunity from system overflow or backup. MTA supports.

HBs 4359, 4370 & 4371: Special assessments—
Allows townships to create special assessment district for private utility services. MTA supports.

HB 4397: Dark stores—
Requires Michigan Tax Tribunal determinations to consider all three methods of appraisal in assessment disputes and prohibits deed restrictions on valuation of property. MTA supports.              

HBs 4431-4432: Legislative subpoena—
Expands legislative subpoena authority to include local public bodies. MTA opposes.

HB 4671: Election administration—
Allows local or county clerk to conduct election activities for a local clerk if approved by the governing bodies of both participating entities. MTA neutral.

HB 4679 & SB 495: Legislative fiscal note—
Would require fiscal notes to be prepared on the financial impact of legislation before legislative action could occur. MTA supports.

HBs 4747-4748: Filing fee for township candidates—
Provides option for individuals seeking township offices to a pay filing fee or file signature petitions to be on the ballot. MTA supports.

HBs 4814- 4815: Millage election limitation—
Would limit all millage ballot questions—including new, increasing and renewal millages—to November general elections after Dec. 31, 2017.  MTA opposes.

HB 4766: Open Meetings Act—
Allows additional remedies for noncompliance to include attorney fees and allow a one-year window during which civil actions may be brought. MTA opposes.

HB 4986 & 1042: Disabled veterans’ property tax exemption/income tax – Provides an income tax credit for disabled veterans in an amount equal to 100% the individual’s property taxes paid or 23% of gross rent paid and repeals the disabled veterans’ property tax exemption.  MTA supports.

HB 5098: Rights-of-way—Requires local governments to provide one-year notification, and waive permit and inspection fees, and prohibits request for any study or survey when requesting the temporary or permanent relocation of  facilities owned by an entity holding a license under the Michigan Telecommunications Act or a franchise under the Uniform Video Services Local Franchise Act. MTA opposes.

HB 5207: Semi open primary— Requires voter to indicate which political party ballot he or she wishes to vote at primary election. MTA neutral.

HB 5490: Michigan transportation fund—Allows townships to assume jurisdiction of roads currently under the jurisdiction of county road commissions and receive a share in the distribution of MTF revenue that would otherwise go to the county road commission. MTA supports.

HB 5947: Land use/zoning preemption – Limits local zoning regulation of a barn or other facilities on land zoned for agricultural purposes for commercial venue for weddings or similar events. MTA opposes.

HB 6049 & SB 1025: Assessing—Provides for the shift of certain assessment functions to county equalization departments. MTA opposes.