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MTA' Capital Conference February 26, 2020

Watch for registration this fall for MTA’s 2020 Capital Conference, held at the Lansing Center this February!

Each year at MTA’s Capital Conference, legislators join local officials from their districts to discuss important issues that impact both the state and its 1,240 townships, including assessing reform, the erosion of local authority, and decreasing local revenue, as well as the need for infrastructure improvements and broadband expansion.

The 2019 Capital Conference earlier this year was a great success, bringing together more than 200 township officials from around the state. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer opened the event, sharing her initial budget proposal and priorities, her goal for the restoration of statutory revenue sharing in the future, and her support for local government.

“My pledge to you is, as long as I am governor, you will have a seat at the table,” Whitmer said in 2019. “I will scrutinize everything to see what the real impacts are, so that we are thoughtful and moving forward together.”

Township leaders traveled from all corners of the state to be part of the annual event as they recognize the event’s importance of developing and maintaining a relationship with legislators, and learning more about the current issues in Lansing impacting township officials and their ability to govern. Throughout the day-long event, township officials hear from state experts, MTA legal counsel, and staff on a wide variety of topics (from marijuana regulations to assessing reform to available state grants).

In 2019, attendees heard not only from the governor, but also Reps. Jim Ellison (D-Royal Oak), Gary Howell (R-North Branch) and Luke Meerman (R-Polkton Charter Township).



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact MTA’s Government Relations Department at 517-321-6467 or michelle@michigantownships.org.

Why attend next year?

Be an advocate for township government

  • Learn the latest on legislative issues impacting townships
  • Interact with legislators and network with fellow township officials
  • Hear from a panel of legislative leaders and expert panelists on how the latest issues affect your community.
  • Talk face to face with officials and legislator leaders in Lansing!