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Wright Township is seeking a qualified Michigan Certified Assessing Officer to replace a recently vacant Assessor position.  Wright Township is a rural farming community in Southern Hillsdale County with a current total of 1441 parcels.

Job requirements include; Property Appraisal, Tax Record Maintenance, Certification of Assessments and Tax Rolls, Preparation of required information for Board of Review and MI Tax Tribunal, as well as Management of Parcel Split Activity and all other items deemed necessary of its Assessing Officer.

Any interested parties should no later than February 11, 2020, submit a resume, and references with a cover letter detailing fit for job, expected compensation, contact details, and any other pertinent information.  These items may be e-mailed to wrightwal@wcomco.net or faxed to 517-286-6496.

For any questions, please contact Maghann Zimmerman, Township Clerk, at 517-286-6486 or wrightwal@wcomco.net.