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Gathering limits for township meetings

Under the MDHHS Order of June 1, 2021, effective June 1 through June 30, 2021, all public meetings and all other indoor gatherings at township offices and facilities (including hall rentals) are subject to the indoor gathering limit of whichever is greater: 50% of the fire marshal capacity of the space; or 30 persons per 1,000 square feet if no applicable fire marshal limit exists; or 25 persons. Density must still be limited to provide for 6-foot distancing. Fully vaccinated individuals do not have to wear masks at these indoor meetings; other personal exceptions apply, as set forth in the order.

Through the end of the year, virtual attendance of members of a public body at public meetings is only allowed for three reasons: military duty, a medical condition, or a statewide or local state of emergency (SOE) or state of disaster. The Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) has surveyed its members and compiled both a map and listing of counties that have declared states of emergency. Visit MAC's Resources for COVID-19 Response webpage to view or download the resources (under the second heading, "State of Emergency Status"). This is not a conclusive list and some counties not on the list may have declared a state of emergency. If your township wishes to hold a meeting virtually and has not adopted its own SOE, please confirm with your county that a local state of emergency has been declared.


MTA responses and resources
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