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MTA Training

The MTA Knowledge Center provides a wide variety of educational workshops throughout the state each year. Topics range from the basic “nuts and bolts” duties of township officials to advanced policy issues that our members face. All programs are tailored to address core competencies for elected township officials. Online learning is just a click away on our Online Learning Portal OR scroll down to see what's coming your way.

Hot Topics in Planning & Zoning

Join MTA for a how-to guide and real-life practical experiences at the summer’s hottest workshop series. This program identifies emerging issues in planning and zoning, and is a must for planning commissioners, township board members and zoning administrators. Learn more about working within your limits, including what townships can (and can't!) do about hot-button issues including:
  • Medical marijuana provisioning centers/dispensaries
  • Local zoning decisions regarding religious uses
  • Zoning preemptions
  • Exclusionary rule
  • Special uses and variances
Date and locations:
  • Aug. 30: The Shack Country Inn, White Cloud
Locations are filling up fast! Register today to ensure your seat in the class. Download the brochure here or register online now.

Learn strategies for serving, engaging your community

Learn strategies for connecting with your constituents, identifying what’s most important to them and improving your township’s transparency (and credibility!). Join MTA in Frankenmuth on Sept. 8 and participate in one (or both!) of these half-day sessions.


Creating a Vision for Your Township (B-103; 4 credits)

  • Identify core community values and expectations
  • Garner methods of evaluating your township’s programs and services
  • Learn to balance short-term issues with a long-term vision

Linking with the Community (B-106; 4 credits)

  • Explore ways of determining what your constituents want and need
  • Get strategies for improving your transparency
  • Take home tips for keeping residents informed about township activities
Downloading the brochure here or register online now!

On the Road Regional Meetings


As an MTA member, you belong to the largest community of local government officials in the state. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with that community and MTA staff, to discuss the latest issues affecting townships at our upcoming regional meetings. Get the inside scoop on issues impacting townships in one day, at one location, near you!
Breakout topics include:

  • What every board member should know about financial oversight
  • Improving your township's internal controls
  • Hello, MTA... ? On the Road
  • Financial Literacy: Understanding financial reports

Download the brochure here or register online now.

Dates and locations:

Sept. 27: Bavarian Inn Lodge, Frankenmuth
Sept. 28: Comfort Inn Conf. Center, Chelsea
Sept. 29: Fetzer Center at WMU, Kalamazoo
Sept. 30: Eagle Eye Conf. Center, Lansing
Oct. 5: Magnusson Franklin Square Inn, Houghton
Oct. 6: Holiday Inn, Marquette
Oct. 7: Little Bear East Arena, St. Ignace
Oct. 17: Otsego Club & Resort, Gaylord
Oct. 18: Sanctuary Inn, Alpena
Oct. 19: Quality Inn Forward Conf. Center, West Branch
Oct. 25: Holiday Inn, Big Rapids
Oct. 26: Crystal Mountain, Thompsonville

*Already registered?   Download driving directions here. 

Emerging Issues in Emergency Services


Providing emergency and fire protection services may be one of the more complicated (and important!) services your township provides. MTA can help you gain a better understanding of the myriad of hot issues facing your fire department and emergency services personnel.

Township board members and fire officials alike should join us on Oct. 21 at the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth for this full-day event.

Downloading the brochure here or register online now!

Got new officials? MTA has you covered


As new officials take office this fall, MTA has the education and guidance needed to bring those new township government up to speed on their roles and responsibilities. In late November, we're holding our Treasurers’ Guide to Tax Collecting, a full-day class coming to four locations across the state, offering treasurers (and their deputies) insights into the “ins and outs” of tax collecting. In mid-December and throughout January, we’ll bring Part 1 of our comprehensive New Officials Training series to 14 locations across the state! Get an overview of the “hows and whys” of township government and dig into the duties of each office, along with ways to set the stage for a productive, meaningful term of office. Parts 2 and 3 of our training will take place throughout 2017.

For those looking for additional resources now, MTA's library of publications, written exclusively with township officials in mind, also offer the information you need. Our “Township Basics Kit” is the perfect starter kit for newly elected officials, and includes our Introduction to Township Board Meetings, Official’s Guide to Township Government, and Authorities & Responsibilities of Michigan Township Officials Boards and Commissions. Check out MTA’s offerings online today!

Registration brochures for educational workshops will be mailed to all townships and posted on the MTA website this fall. If you have new officials joining your board this fall, please be sure to register them or pass along registration information, to help ensure a smooth transition for your township team.

Upcoming MTA events 

Hot Topics in Planning & Zoning
August 30

On the Road Regional Meetings
Multiple dates in September & October

Creating a Vision & Linking with Community
September 8 

Emerging Issues in Emergency Services
October 21

Treasurers' Guide to Tax Collecting

New Officials Training
December through January

What the future holds ...

See MTA's 2016 educational schedule here.

Township Governance Academy

Upcoming courses...
Learn more by downloading the enrollment brochure here.

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