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elearningMTA gave free trial access to our Essentials Package as part of our coronavirus response. Now you can upgrade to the Plus Package or Premium Pass, or renew access to Essentials package, to give access to your entire township team for a full year!

Learn more about each package below, then select your preferred package on your 2020-2021 MTA dues statement (coming mid-May) to get signed up. Can't wait? Email education@michigantownships.org to learn how your entire township team can get unlimited access today!

Option 1. Premium Pass

Includes year-round access to every title in our Essentials and Plus packages (Options 2 and 3 below) as well as 10 additional titles, nine of which are Township Governance Academy courses. Premium titles include:


      • At Your Service: Meeting Township Needs   
      • Board Roles & Relations
      • Fundamentals of Assessment & Taxation   
      • How Boards Make Decisions    
      • Land Use: Defining Your Township’s Future
      • Making Meetings Work More Effectively
      • Managing Your Township Team
      • Township Finances
      • Urban Cooperation
      • Utilizing Strategic Planning

A $4,032 PER PERSON value for just $1,900 —  including access
for your 

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Additional Premium Pass benefits:

NEW courses coming this summer

  • Elections Tips & Fundamentals
  • Emerging Issues in Planning & Zoning

UPDATED course elements

  • Cemetery Management
  • Roles & Functions of the ZBA

BONUS courses (offered April-June) 

  • All four New Officials Training webcasts
  • Treasurer’s Guide to Tax Collecting 
  • Board of Review Basic & Advanced Training

Option 2. Plus Package

Get access to all 10 titles listed in the Essentials Package (Option 3), plus five more specialized topics that take your township in-depth on additional services some townships provide. Titles include:

  • Cemetery Management (New elements!)

  • Governing an Accountable Fire Department

  • Introduction to Planning & Zoning

  • Roles and Functions of the ZBA (new elements!)

  • Ordinance Enforcement

Coming soon ...

  • Emerging Issues in Planning & Zoning

A $1,400 PER PERSON value for just $1,000 — for your ENTIRE TOWNSHIP TEAM

Option 3. Essentials Package

Offers access to 10 "essential" courses, featuring topics designed for all board members and required knowledge for all townships. Titles include:

  • Accounting & Payroll

  • Building a Better Budget

  • Effectively Exercising Board Authority

  • Exploring Township Revenue Sources

  • Meeting Misconceptions

  • Secrets to Great Board Meetings

  • Spending Public Money

  • Special Assessment Procedures

  • Taxation Trouble Spots

  • Who Gets Paid What … and How?

A $860 PER PERSON value for just $750 —  for your ENTIRE TOWNSHIP TEAM