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open_for_business_banner.jpgThe COVID-19 situation in Michigan is changing seemingly minute to minute, and information and updates are coming in rapidly. We have created this secondary COVID-19 RECOVERY & RE-OPENING page to help with questions and concerns about reopening your township and the recovery process for both individuals and businesses in your community. In addition to key topics and issues, we have assembled links (found below) to critical state and federal departments and agencies, such as the Bureau of Labor and Economic Development, Center for Disease Control, sample MTA preparedness plans, and more. We are continually updating and providing new sources of information for our member officials, so check back often and follow MTA’s COVID-19 update emails for further updates.


MTA responses and resources


State of Michigan


Center for Disease Control  & Prevention (CDC)


Employer and economic considerations

Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

U.S. Department of Labor