We are excited to announce our new podcast, "Township Talk" with our host Bethany Mauger, MTA staff writer. We will discuss a wide variety of topics impacting Michigan's 1,240 townships. Don't miss an episode! Subscribe on Google Play or  iTunes

Episode 11: Clearing the Air: What the recreational marijuana law means for your township.

Episode 10: Interlocal ‘divorce’ doesn’t have to be cause for upset

Episode 9: What will 'lame duck' mean for townships?

Episode 8: Becoming a ‘green’ township starts with the small decisions! 

Episode 7: Help! Our public participation policy needs work!

Special Election Edition - Episode 6: Election 2018: The results are in

Episode 5: A diary farm wants to locate where? What the proposed GAAMPs Changes could mean. 

Episode 4: Decoding Michigan's new Lead & Copper Rule

Special Election Edition - Episode 3: The three statewide proposals voters will face on the ballot—and their potential impact on townships.

Special Election Edition - Episode 2: Let's talk about the upcoming November 2018 election

Episode 1: Welcome to our first "Township Talk" podcast! MTA Executive Director Larry Merrill joins us to examine where townships came from--and where they are headed.